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About TLH Marketing.

Here you’ll find out everything about TLH Marketing… we’re a full service marketing agency with a reputation for getting results.

Our offices are situated in the Northern paradise known as Preston, Lancashire. But we are fortunate enough to work with clients all across the globe! Here are a few clients we work with who are based here in Preston or as far away as Australia!

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Why Choose TLH?

Why should you choose TLH Marketing? Well, apart from being really nice people to work with, the TLH Team will help your business stand out from the competition and get results.

We support all businesses no matter their size or sector. View some of the sector’s support on a daily business by watching our video.

Creative marketing can really make you stand out.

Depending on your company and sector, a more creative marketing strategy might be ideal for you. Sometimes thinking outside the box can give you an edge on your competitors.

Dull repetitive marketing campaigns aren’t great and can sometimes alienate potential customers. Our team think outside the box, so you don’t have to.

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Meet the Team.

We’re a good looking bunch and we’re damn good at our jobs too!

Tony Hall
Managing Director

Our top dog and resident cowboy, Tony is the heart of TLH Marketing. Creating the company in 2009, Tony has put everything into making TLH what it is today. In his spare time, when he’s not driving cattle around Montana, Tony enjoys spending time with family, watching his beloved Liverpool conquer Europe and going on long walks with his Sprocker, Stan.

Carly Awde
Account Director

Carly’s a whiz at managing accounts and exceeding client expectations, she’s equally adept at humour, often joking at her husband’s expense. She’s the second coolest Awde though, as her husband’s love of golf somehow makes him cooler than her. That being said, Carly’s positivity brings a delightful energy to the office.

Matt F
Matthew Fairclough
Account Director

Our very own Tiger Woods, Matt never leaves the office and is constantly working on some sort of project. Matt has the solution to every problem and always knows what to do in any situation. On the rare occasion that Matt does venture outside of the office, he loves to play golf as much as possible, as well as going out with his friends and having a ‘few’ drinks.

George Burrows
Strategy & Account Manager

Wigan born and bred, George is one of our digital marketing executives and web developers. He is the epitome of a human shovel. Put any amount of food in front of him and it will be gone in under 10 minutes. On his days off, rugby-mad George enjoys watching Wigan Warriors, home and away, and spending time with his many, many, many pets. He also loves a good pie (obviously).

Emilie Jenkinson
Digital Marketing Executive

Though Emilie may be the newest member of team she’s quickly become a part of the TLH family. Arguably the most normal person in the office (which isn’t hard), she loves giving us strange looks while we have weird conversations! In her spare time she loves to watch films, listen to music and play the guitar.

Karis Hays
Digital Marketing Executive

Meet Karis, an early bird by routine, she hits the gym every morning and is in bed by nine every night. She has perfected the art of falling asleep within the first five minutes of any film, especially Dune Part Two. She loves her water bottle, perhaps a little too much, as it never leaves her side. Karis without a water bottle I hear you ask? Don’t be silly.

Matt B
Matthew Burns
Lead Web Developer

Lead Web Developer, resident comedian and father to Kevin, the office’s pet cactus! Matt loves to spice up any website he can get his hands on. When he isn’t building websites he is testing the office with “Would You Rather” questions. He always represents the company by sporting his TLH branded gilet, come rain or shine!

Jordan Lucy
Web Developer

Jordan, our Web Developer, hails from Liverpool and is a passionate Liverpool football fan. When he’s not busy crafting the website of your dreams, you’ll find him gaming online with friends or exploring the great outdoors. Jordan brings both technical expertise and a sense of adventure to the TLH team.

Jade McClure
Business & Finance Manager

Jade is our business and finance extraordinaire and super-mum of four! We all love Jade but you may ask why? Well, we like her because despite juggling teas and school runs, she still finds time to surprise the team with her legendary chocolate flapjacks. You’re a legend, Jade.

Kevin the Cactus
Office Pet

As legendary as he is spikey – Kevin rules the roost at the TLH office. He’s known for getting to the point and dressing sharp. He loves a good laugh and is absolutely fan-cactus! Outside of working hours, he loves chilling in the office with some peace and quiet.

Some of Our Lovely Clients.

We haven’t scared them off just yet.

Let’s Talk…

Are you interested in how we could help your business? Pick up the phone, drop us an email or scribble us a letter, however you want to do it, we can’t wait to talk with you!

Alternatively, you can fill out the form here and we’ll give you a call back regarding your enquiry – talk soon!

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